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Magazine is a publication of the periodical publication, or generally, usually tied to a paper cover articles, stories, poems, etc. or published electronically - sometimes referred to online magazines. These are usually published on a regular schedule, and can contain different types of content. They are funded in various ways, such as advertising, price, online subscription. Magazine is published worldwide on a variety of subjects. Below is a list of some important thematic more popular magazine.

72M Magazine [United Kingdom]
Abukoloji [Turkey]
The Advertiser 24 [England]
Akar Media [Denpasar, Indonesia]
American-Hungarian Journal [United States]
Amsterdam Spoke [Netherlands]
Analyze-us [Lebanon]
Arumbu [India]
ATOD Magazine [United States]
Australasian Flowers [Australia]
AX National [Australia]
The Ballito Magazine [KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa]
Barbados Underground [Barbados]
The Beachside Resident [Florida, United States]
The Best [Greece]
Bilmen Gerek [Istanbul, Turkey]
Blaze [South Australia]
Boadillaymas (Madrid, Spain)
Bonnie Carroll's Life Bites News [Beverly Hills, United States]
Bound Mag [Miami, Florida United States]
Bride Guide [New Hampshire, United States]
Brides Essence [South Africa]
Bydlení nás baví! [Czech Republic]
Cairo Gossip [Cairo, Egypt]
Caledon Today (Canada)
Camping Canada RV Lifestyle Magazine (Canada)
CampusEye (Uganda)
Celltic Life International (Canada)
Cherrie (South Australia)
Chevy Chaser Magazine (United States)
Club Magazine (Johannesburg, South Africa)
Connector (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)
Conscious Lifestyle Magazine [California, United States]
Conscious Living (Australia)
Cosmopolitan (Denmark)
Cromos (Colombia)
Cypriot Living (Cyprus)
Cyprus Property News Magazine [Cyprus]
Der Stern (Germany)
dirt [New Jersey, United States]
Doers Magazine [Sweden]
Dominica Source [Dominica]
Donna Donna [Belgium]
DurbanZone Online Magazine [KZN Durban]
DVRG Magazine [Indonesia] [In English]
EALUXE [Belgium] [In English]
Eat Love Savor Magazine [Canada]
Ege Life Izmir [Turkey]
ego Magazine Online [Brampton, Ontario, Canada]
Emel [London, England, United Kingdom]
Enchanted Moments [Georgia, United States]
E evolution [Australia]
Erbilia Online Magazine [Erbil, Kurdistan] [In English]
Everything Zimbabwean [Harare, Zimbabwe] [In English]
Expatica Netherlands [In English] [Netherlands]
Expatica Portugal [In English] [Portugal]
The Eye Magazine [Redcar & Cleveland, England]
Faces [Malaysia] [Australia]
FHM Men's Magazine [United Kingdom]
FHM Philippines [Calapan City, Oriental Mindoro Region 4, Philippines]
Flame Lily [South Africa] [In English]
Finnbay [Tampere, Finland] [In English]
Folio Weekly (United States)
Foochia (Abu Dhabi, UAE)
Fort Lauderdale Daily (Florida, United States)
FREE! Magazine (Australia) (Germany)
FTM Magazine [New York, United States]
Gala (Germany)
Gay Gainesville (Florida, USA)
Gay NT [Nothern Territory, Australia]
Gay Tasmania (Tasmania, Australia)
Gia DInh Magazine [Australia]
Girls Magazine (England)
Goniec Polski [United Kingdom]
Gossip Italiano (Italy)
Gran Canaria Journal (Spain) [In English]
Greater Port Macquarie Lifestyle Magazine [Australia] (India) [In English]
The Herault Times [Herault, France]
Hero & Leander (United Kingdom)
Hey Portugal [Portugal]
HiLuxury (Hawaii, US)
Hindi7 [New Delhi, India]
Hip Mag (Romania)
Hix Magazine [Amsterdam, The Netherlands]
IamExpat in the Netherlands [The Netherlands]
Iconique Online (United States)
Ideal-Living Magazine (United States) (Romania)
Illustrado Magazine [United Arab Emirates]
The Immigration Times (Canada)
Impress Magazin [Hungary] [United States]
inCOVER Magazine (Madrid, Spain)
India Home Guide (India) [In English]
Inspireneur (Sweden) [In English]
InStyle Magazine (United States)
Impulse Magazine (United States)
Jibon Shoily [Dhaka, Bangladesh]
Kalamazoo Today Magazine [Kalamazoo, Michigan, United States]
Képmás (Hungry)
Kettwig Today (Germany)
Khobar 24 (Dhaka, Bangladesh) {In Bengali]
The Korea Post [In Korean]
La Guia del Golfo [Sarasota, Manatee, Tampa Bay & Orlando, Florida, United States]
LakMag (Sri Lanka) [In English & Sinhalese]
Latin Times Magazine [Florida, USA]
Law of Attraction Magazine (California, USA)
L'Esthète (Newport Beach, California, USA)
Letters From France (France) [In English]
Lifaa - Upgrade dein Leben (Hamburg, Germany)
Lifefestyle (Australia)
Lifestyle Magazine US (United States)
LPJ Magazine (Botswana) [In English]
The Luxury Linens Magazine [Canada & USA] (Sweden)
Mag The Weekly (Pakistan)
Margi Magazine [Gujarat, India]
Masala Magazine (Bangkok, Thailand) [In English]
Meander Magazine [Alamosa, San Luis Valley, Colorado, United States]
Metropolis Magazine (Tokyo, Japan) [In English]
The Migrant (United Kingdom)]
Migros Magazin (Switzerland)
Monatelly [Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa]
Moscow Expat Life [Moscow, Russia]
Muhammad Nabil [Dhaka, Bangladesh]
Mujeres Internacional [New York/New Jersey, United States]
N4Normandy Magazine (United Kingdom)
Blue Ridge Life Magazine (United States)
Nethampshire (United Kingdom)
The New England Rogue Journal [United States]
News Mantri [Andhra Pradesh, India]
News Zone [Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India]
Nigerians Abroad (Canada) [in English] (Bangladesh)
NSFW Planet (United States)
Ocean Style Magazine [United States]
Oklahoma Womans Magazine [United States]
OnlyKaty (United States)
The Ontario Mason (Ontario, Canada)
Open Range Magazine [Subscription Only] (United States)
Outdoor Living Magazine (United States)
Own Less & Live More: A Lifestyle By Design (United States)
ParisLeMag (France) [In French, English & Arabic}
Parisvoice (France) [In English]
Partysan (Germany) [In English & German]
Pegarose (Istanbul, Turkey)
Pouted Magazine (Alabama, United States)
The Power Player Magzine (United States)
Prepare Magazine (North Carolina, United States)
Pride (Queensland, Australia)
Property Life (Singapore) [In English] (Spain)
raf. (London, England, UK)
Red Wine Magazine (San Antonio, Texas, United States)
ReelWomen (Australia)
Revista Black Jack (Romaina)
Sahara Magazine (Dubai, Sharjah & Ajman) [In English & Arabic] (India) [In English]
Schweiz Magazin (Switzerland)
Senior Lifestyles (New Hampshire, United States)
Single Again (California, USA)
The Skegness News (UK)
SFL Style (Miami, Florida, United States)
She Caribbean (St Lucia)
Show-People Magazine (United States)
SMOKE Magazine (United States)
Sociales Vip (Bolivia)
Société Magazine (Christchurch, New Zealand)
Society 805 (California, United States)
Southsider Magazine (United States)
Spice of Life Magazine (Idaho, United States)
Stek Woon & Lifestyle Magazine (Netherlands)
St George Magzine (United States)
The St John Sun Times (United States)
Style Afrique (United States)
Sunday Inquirer Magazine (Manila, Laguna, Phillippines) [In English]
Svenska Magasinet (Spain)
SX News (Australia)
The Tabloid (South Africa) [In English]
Tafseer-ul-Quran (Pakistan) [In Urdu]
TechGreet (India) [In English]
Thailand Connect (Thailand)
Thai Veedu (Ontario, Canada) [In Tamil}
Time Out (United Kingdom)
Tiny House Living Magazine (United States)
Toronto Guardian
TOUT - World of Luxury (Spain) [In English]
Transformation Magazine (Florida, United States)
Tropics Magazine (Johannesburg, South Africa) [In English & French]
Trop Rockin Magazine (United States)
The Utopian (Norway) [In English]
Vanity Fair (New Mexico, United States)
Vaping Planet (United States)
Verve Magazine (India) [In English]
VIP (Varna, Bulgaria) [In Bulgarian]
Vivacini (United States)
Voice Of The South (Philippines) [In English]
The Warehouse Magazine (Canada)
What's Up Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) [In English]
Wombat Horoscopes (Australia)
Women Planet
Women's Bangladesh [Khulna, Dhaka, Chittagong, Rajshahi, Rongpur, Sylhet & Barisal, Bangladesh] [Canada]
Yavapai [Arizona, United States]
Your Magazine [Rome, Italy] [United Kingdom]

Elite Magazine [Toronto, Ontario, Canada]

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