North American Hotels and Motels

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Hotel for the service provider of the travelers and tourists of accommodations, meals and other services offer these. Similarly, a motel is a hotel but for travelers and tourists of the parking area for motor vehicles. A variety of hotel and motel services are based on the classification.Both types can be hotel national and international.The international hotel service is more than the standard national hotel to attract foreigners. Some of the world's most famous international hotel names, such as, for example, may be called as a -Holiday Inn, Sheraton, Best Western, Marriot, Comfort Inn, Four Seasons, Hyatt, Radisson and many more. To facilitate these services are easy to find, here is a list of some of the national and international North American Hotels and Motels is presented. We hope from the list presented below Visitors will benefit both domestic and foreign.

Canadian Hotels and Motels

Mexican Hotels and Motels

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