African Airlines

With the invention of new technology, the world has become smaller. Airlines is a type of air transport organization. The airline provide air transport services for traveling passengers and cargo freight.Technology innovation is one of the blessings of air transportation. Due to the transportation system, most of the people in remote areas are able to travel a short time.The air transportation to facilitate, almost every country in the world that have airlines organization. Airlines service may be public or private and also national or international. There may be one or more routes in an airlines. To facilitate your air transportation service below is a list of some of the African Airlines. We hope the list of airlines that will benefit you.

Algerian Airlines

Angola Airlines

Benin Airlines

Botswana Airlines

Burkina Faso Airlines

Burundi Airlines

Cameroon Airlines

Cape Verde Airlines

Chad Airlines

Comoros Airlines

Congo Airlines

  • Air Kasai, Cargo
  • Air Katanga, Cargo
  • Air Tropiques, Cargo
  • Airfast Congo
  • Aviatrade Congo
  • BlueSky Airlines, Cargo
  • Compagnie Africaine d'Aviation, Cargo
  • Cetraca Aviation Service, Cargo
  • Filair, Cargo
  • Gomair, Cargo
  • ITAB - International Trans Air Business, Cargo
  • Katanga Wings, Cargo
  • Kin Avia, Cargo
  • Malift Air, Cargo
  • Malu Aviation, Cargo
  • Mango Airlines, Cargo
  • Services Air, Cargo
  • Swala Aviation, Cargo
  • Trans Air Cargo Service, Cargo
  • Victoria Airways, Cargo
  • XL Trading, Cargo
  • ACS Air Charter Service, Cargo
  • Africa One, Cargo
  • Air Baraka, Cargo
  • Air Boyoma, Cargo
  • Air Congo (1961), Cargo
  • Air Zaire, Cargo
  • airDC, Cargo
  • Armi Global Business Air, Cargo
  • ATO - Air Transport Office, Cargo
  • Ban Air Cargo, Cargo
  • Blue Airlines , Cargo
  • Bravo Air Congo, Cargo
  • African Business and Transportations, Cargo
  • CAL - Congo Airlines, Cargo
  • Cargair International, Cargo
  • Congo Express, Cargo
  • CO-ZA Airways , Cargo
  • Dallex Trade, Cargo
  • DAS Airlines, Cargo
  • El Sam Airlift, Cargo
  • Espace Aviation Services, Cargo
  • Enterprise World Airways, Cargo
  • Flight Express, Cargo
  • flyCongo, Cargo
  • Fontshi Aviation Service, Cargo
  • Garinco Airways, Cargo
  • Gisair, Cargo
  • Goma Express, Cargo
  • Great Lakes Business Company, Cargo
  • Groupe Rubuye Aviation, Cargo
  • HBA - Hewa Bora Airways, Cargo
  • Inter African Cargo Airlines, Cargo
  • Inter-Fret Transport Aérien, Cargo
  • Jet Congo Airlines, Cargo
  • Jetair, Cargo
  • Katale Aero Transport, Cargo
  • Katanga Express, Cargo
  • Kavatsi Airlines, Cargo
  • Kinshasa Airways , Cargo
  • Kivu Air, Cargo
  • Korongo Airlines, Cargo
  • LAC - Lignes Aériennes Congolaises, Cargo
  • Lubumbashi Air Service, Cargo
  • MIBA Aviation, Cargo
  • New ACS, Cargo
  • Okapi Airlines, Cargo
  • Pan African Express, Cargo
  • Pegasus Aviation, Cargo
  • Regional Express, Cargo
  • Scibe Airlift Congo, Cargo
  • Shabair, Cargo
  • Sion Airlines, Cargo
  • Stellar Airways, Cargo
  • Tango Airways, Cargo
  • TMK Air Commuter, Cargo
  • Waltair, Cargo
  • Wetrafa Airlift, Cargo
  • Wimbi Dira Airways, Cargo
  • Wolf Aviation, Cargo
  • ZICAS - Zaire International Cargo Air System, Cargo

Djibouti Airlines

Egyptian Airlines

Equatorial Guinea Airlines

Eritrean Airlines

Ethiopian Airlines

Gabon Airlines

Gambia Airlines

Ghana Airlines

Guinea Bissau Airlines

Ivory Coast Airlines

Kenya Airlines

Lesotho Airlines

Liberian Airlines

Libyan Airlines

Madagascar Airlines

Malawi Airlines

Mali Airlines

Mauritania Airlines

Moroccan Airlines

Mozambique Airlines

Namibian Airlines

Nigeria Airlines

Niger Airlines

  • Air Niamey, Niger
  • Escadrille Nationale du Niger, Niger

Rwanda Airlines

Sao Tome and Principe Airlines

Senegal Airlines

Seychelles Airlines

Sierra Leone Airlines

Somalia Airlines

South Africa Airlines

Sudanese Airlines

Tanzanian Airlines

Togo Airlines

Tunisian Airlines

Uganda Airlines

Western Sahara Airlines

  • Not Available Data

Zambian Airlines

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